Sometimes Employees Are Just As Much of a Risk as Malicious Attackers

US House Recommends 'Zero-Trust' Model for Insider Data AccessData from our Ponemon study, “Risky Business: How Company Insiders Put High Value Information at Risk,” was recently cited in Tara Seal’s Infosecurity Magazine article, “US House Recommends ‘Zero-Trust’ Model for Insider Data Access.” The article referenced the statistic that 72 percent of surveyed organizations are not confident in their ability to manage or control employee access to confidential documents and files. This leads to the actions of careless employees being the primary cause of data breaches, rather than malicious attackers.

The US House has recommended that federal agencies invoke a “zero-trust” system to keep personal, confidential data out of the hands of foreign attackers . The House views government employees as just as big a risk to their organizations as they do malicious attackers — a consideration that all organizations would benefit from adopting. While “zero-trust” sounds a bit harsh, there are multiple ways that these federal agencies can implement security measures to reduce the employee risk they fear so much.

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Concerned about Print Security?

Secure your print processesInformation security is a tough business.  As technologies evolve and businesses seek to use technology advancements as a competitive edge to be more productive, more efficient and to provide better service to their customers, the bad guys are also innovating with more ingenious ways to get at valuable digital business information.  Security postures are often re-evaluated to add new layers of technologies to deal with new and existing threat gaps. As this process dynamically takes place, one area that often does not get enough attention is printing – processes, workflows and the security around it.

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Data Loss Prevention, Data Classification and Persistent Data-Centric Security

Data Loss Prevention, Classification and Persistent Data SecurityTechnology advancements and rapid digitization of corporate information has made it easier for modern companies to conduct everyday business transactions. Today, business data is easier to access and share, giving companies the opportunity to reach more customers and conduct business quicker. At the same time, the unprecedented volumes of data created, accessed, shared, stored and the variety of sources is forcing companies to re-evaluate their cyber-security approach.  The collaborative nature of how business is done has extended the corporate perimeter. As a result, companies are seeing an ever increasing need for higher visibility into data, how their users access and use it and the secure it using encryption.

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Halting the Threats Within

Stop Insider Threats from Defeating your BusinessThe headlines today still focus on hackers and other malicious outsiders trying to steal your sensitive data or disrupting your business, but the reality is that insider threats are the biggest challenge to enterprise security.

People with knowledge of your network and systems have a decided advantage when it comes to deliberately or accidentally sharing information with unauthorized users.  Whether it’s a dissatisfied employee looking to make a buck, a retiring worker copying files to take home or a busy executive sending a file to the wrong person, preventing data breaches from privileged insiders can be challenging.

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Fasoo Announces Fasoo Enterprise DRM 5.0

Fasoo Enterprise DRMThe newest version of Fasoo Enterprise DRM builds on the Fasoo Data Security Framework, a three-tiered suite of solutions that helps customers discover, classify and protect sensitive data as it is created and distributed.  Fasoo Enterprise DRM 5.0 expands its data security capabilities to help organizations mitigate the risk of data breaches caused by insider threats, hackers and other cyber attacks.

Some of it’s newest features simplify management, improve usability and enhance an organization’s ability to provide security policy exceptions to users as business requirements change.
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