How to Protect IP Mappings from Falling into the Wrong Hands

Fasoo protects IP mappings from being stolen and leaking your sensitive dataIn my recent article for IP Watchdog, Taking a Data-Centric Approach to Today’s Security Landscape, I highlighted the importance of organizations taking a data-centric approach to security to safeguard against today’s sophisticated, and even amateur, cybercriminals.  IP Watchdog particularly focuses on the security of all things IP (intellectual property) which brings us to another sector of high valued information—IP mappings.

IP mappings can be critical to the security of an organization’s database because of its link to client accounts and the location of those accounts within the database.  Malicious attacks scanning the system for information on client accounts, such as financial data or trade secrets, would need to spend time and effort to locate the data.  If hackers were able to expose the organization’s IP mappings, it would enable them to easily navigate the system and access the information before the organization knew it was under attack.

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Lock It Down: Eliminate Business Risk with Encryption

Fasoo encryption and permission control can eliminate business risk by stopping a data breachOne harrowing statistic from our recent Ponemon study, “Risky Business: How Company Insiders Put High Value Information at Risk,” is that 56 percent of the respondents said they do not educate their employees on the protection of files containing confidential information.  Reporter Karen Epper Hoffman referenced this statistic in her SC Magazine eBook contribution, “Locking it down,” and included insight on encryption from Fasoo customer Jay Rudd, IT manager, General Plastics and Composites LP. With organizations not taking the proper precautions through education, they are not doing themselves any favors in preventing the leakage of high-value information.

As Jay Rudd noted, “The persistent, file-based encryption approach is becoming more popular in the wake of recent attacks where the malicious attacker was able to bypass traditional security measures and access confidential information.”

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Should Developers Have a Spellchecker for Security?

Sparrow helps stop security vulnerabilities while you codeA recent article by Maria Cosgrove in CSO asked the question “Wouldn’t it be nice if software developers had something like spellcheck, but instead of catching simple grammar mistakes, it caught basic security problems?”

Very good question, especially when you think about all the cyber security problems and attacks we’ve seen in recent months.  The reality is that developers are still writing software with security vulnerabilities.  As project timelines contract and more people are involved, the development cycle becomes more complex and is prone to problems.  If the problems were rarely seen bugs, it would be one thing, but why are there so many basic errors inside a lot of software?

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Cyber Security Takes Center Stage at Stevens Institute Of Technology

Cyber Security Takes Center Stage at Stevens Institute Of TechnologyFasoo and the New Jersey Technology Council sponsored “Closing the Threat Gap: Executive Perspectives on the Cybersecurity Landscape” at the Stevens Institute Of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey on October 26, 2016.  The event featured cyber security leaders discussing the effects of internal and external threats to businesses.  There was a great turnout with some existing Fasoo customers, executives, attorneys, risk officers, CISOs, IT and security professionals from numerous organizations in the greater NY area.  Common feedback from the event was an appreciation for understanding the larger cyber security landscape and how everything from drones to DDOS attacks can affect their companies and personal lives.

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File-centric Collaboration + Digital Asset Management + Security = Intelligent Document Management

WrapsodyWhen someone mentions “document management system” in a conversation, what comes to mind immediately is a system that tracks, manages, stores documents and reduces use of paper. You know; the systems that keep a record of the various versions created and modified by different users with history tracking. The ones that have overlapped with the concepts of content management systems (CMS) or enterprise content management (ECM). The ones that have become part of other systems like records management systems, document imaging systems, digital asset management systems and the like.

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